Evidence Base

A number of studies were prepared or were relied upon to inform the development of the Local Plan. Some of these studies are regularly updated. The key studies listed below can be accessed through the pages or downloads in this section. A full list of studies submitted to support the Local Plan Examination is available on the Submission page. You may also be interested in our Mapping Data.


  • Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)
  • Strategic Housing (and Employment) Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)
  • Housing Land Supply Assessments
  • Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessments (GTAA)


  • Employment Land Demand Study
  • Strategic Housing (and Employment) Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Town Centres

  • Retail, Office and Leisure Studies

Natural Environment & Countryside

  • Ecological Studies
  • Ecological Networks
  • Green Belt Review
  • Green Infrastructure Strategy

Built Environment

  • Historic Environment Evidence

Renewable Energy and Climate Change

  • Renewable Energy Studies

Infrastructure etc

Viability Studies

  • Local Plan Viability Assessment 

Proposed Submission Background Papers (below)

  • Burnley’s Local Plan: Background Paper 1: Site Allocations
  • Burnley’s Local Plan: Background Paper 2: Duty to Cooperate

Archived / discontinued / unadopted Area Action Plans and DPDs

  • Burnley Wood and Healey Wood Area Action Plan
  • Daneshouse, Duke Bar and Stoneyholme Area Action Plan
  • Padiham Area Action Plan
  • South West Burnley and Trinity Area Action Plan
  • Core Strategy – Housing Issues and Options (below)
  • Core Strategy – Housing – Issues and Options Summary Leaflet (below)


  • Proposed Submission Background Papers
  • Discontinued Core Strategy Documents