Burnley Retail, Office and Leisure Assessment

Retail, Office and Leisure Assessment 2013

Burnley Borough Council commissioned Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP) to prepare a Retail, Leisure and Office Assessment for Burnley and Padiham town centres. The Study is written to inform policy development across the Borough but focuses specifically upon the two principal centres. 

The key objective of the Study is to provide a robust and credible evidence base to inform the work of the Council on its emerging Local Plan. 

Padiham Retail Update 2014

The household survey which informs the 2013 Assessment was undertaken in October 2012, shortly after the opening of a Tesco store in Padiham. In order to update the retail evidence base and consider the extent to which shopping patterns in the Padiham area had changed over the period from October 2012, the Council instructed a resurvey of the sub-zone and NLP has updated its convenience and comparison retail model based on this new data. The updated retail model also takes into account more up to date retail expenditure levels and forecasts.

A new land use survey plan and pedestrian flow survey informs this report.