Renewable Energy Studies

South Pennines Wind Energy Landscape Study (Oct 2014) 

This study was commissioned by five local planning authorities in the South Pennines, Burnley, Rossendale, Calderdale, Kirklees and Barnsley Councils.  The study, which updates and extends the 2010 Landscape Capacity Study for Wind Energy Developments in the South Pennines, was prepared by Julie Martin Associates and LUC and directly responds to the planning and policy context of the South Pennines and to the growing number of planning applications for wind energy development in the South Pennines.

Guidance for Wind Turbines up to 60m high in the South and West Pennines  2013

You can download the study and guidance on Smaller Turbines from the downloads below.

Lancashire Sustainable Energy Study

SQW Ltd, supported by Maslen Environmental and CO2Sense, were commissioned by Lancashire County Council in February 2011 to undertake a study to facilitate the development of sustainable energy resources and provide follow up guidance and support to local planning authorities. The study was in three parts:

  • Part 1 An assessment of the technical renewable energy capacity at the Lancashire level and for each LA, using the SQW authored national renewable energy capacity assessment methodology produced for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), which resulted in the production of an overarching Technical Report and fourteen LA-specific reports in April 2011.
  • Part 2 An assessment of the deployable renewable energy capacity at the Lancashire level and for each LA, using the SQW devised RE:Deploy model, which resulted in the production of: the Taking Forward Renewable Energy Deployment in Lancashire report and fourteen LA-specific factsheets in July 2011.
  • Part 3 An update of the technical and deployable renewable energy capacity projections for each of the Lancashire local authorities (LAs) set out in SQW’s report of July 2011 and exploratory work concerning the development of LA-specific renewable energy targets in core strategies and renewable energy planning policies.

The work was funded through the Climate Change Local Area Support Programme (CLASP) Sub-regional Climate Change Skills Fund and the CLASP Small Projects Grant.

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Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study

Maslen Environmental were commissioned to undertake a study on the capacity for renewable and low carbon energy in the Partnership councils: Burnley Borough Council, Pendle Borough Council, Rossendale Borough Council, Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council and Kirklees Metropolitan Council, situated in the South Pennines. In particular it was to identify the opportunities for delivering energy from renewable and low carbon (RLC) sources, including micro and district scale technologies, in order to meet both local and site specific targets.

You can access the study from the Useful Links on the right hand side of this page