Strategic Housing Market Assessment

Burnley and Pendle Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2013 

Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners were appointed in May 2013 by Burnley Borough Council and Pendle Borough Council to undertake a study into the Future Population, Household and Housing Needs of the area.

The purpose of the study is to set out the potential scale of future housing requirements in the two Boroughs based upon a range of housing, economic and demographic factors, trends and forecasts. This will provide the Councils with evidence on the future housing requirements of their boroughs to help them plan for future growth and make informed policy choices through the Local Plan process. 

A copy of the study can be downloaded below. 

Burnley Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2016 

This report, prepared by Nathaniel Lichfield and Partners,  provides an update to the housing scenarios modelled in the 2013 Strategic Housing Market Assessment for Burnley, taking into account the latest demographic data releases as well as re-based 2014 mid-year population estimates [MYE] (released October 2015) and using updated Experian data (September 2015) to align with the updated 2015 Burnley ELDS which is being updated concurrently. In addition, this report projects a slightly extended time-frame for housing needs, given the need for plans to cover a minimum of a 15-year period from adoption, and as such provides an assessment of housing need between 2012 and 2032. 

A copy of this report can be downloaded below.

In the SHMA Update (2016) Appendix 3 has a missing page – Scenario Gi. This page is available separately below. 

Burnley SHMA Addendum 2014-based SNHP Update (2017) 

This report provides an update to, and should be read alongside, the Burnley Strategic HousingMarket Assessment [SHMA], issued in May 2016 by Lichfields on behalf of Burnley BoroughCouncil. 

In light of new data, notably the 2014-based Sub-National Household Projections[SNHP] which was released by CLG on 12th July 2016, the Inspector appointed to examine the emerging Burnley Local Plan requested1 that the Council carry out the following work to assist the examination:

“1) Produce a paper setting out the 2014 based population projections for Burnley produced by ONS in May 2016 and the 2014 based household projections produced byDCLG in July 2016. This should set out the raw data from the projections and an analysis of how it would affect the calculation of OAN i.e. how it would update the findings of the2016 SHMA.” 

This report is intended to address these issues by re-running the PopGroup modelling underpinning the 2016 Burnley SHMA utilising the latest household and population projections as well as new data now available relating to the 2016 Mid-Year Population Estimates [MYE]from ONS, the latest Experian employment projections, and updated market signals evidence.It provides a new objectively assessed housing need [OAHN] range in the light of this new evidence. 

A copy of this report can be downloaded below. 

During the Local Plan Examination the following amendments were made: 

  • Extract from Examination Document: EL3.080 
  • The resulting OAN should therefore read as being equivalent to 103-200 dpa (para 4.29-5). 
  • Please also note that para 3.22 should be corrected to state… “This would require a population growth figure of 5,333” as is correctly set out in Table 3.3. The 4,510 quoted relates to the natural change net migration growth required, with a further 823 through net migration natural change (4,510 + 823 = 5,333).