Housing Land Supply

In April each year, the Council starts to compile statistics on the number of new planning permission for housing granted during the preceding financial year and on the number of completions.

This enables the Council to monitor the uptake of housing land against the level of planned provision and maintain a 5-year supply of deliverable sites. This monitoring identifies if there is any significant under or over-provision of housing land that may trigger the need for a review of the housing requirement or wider policies.

Housing Statistics Release

Pending the production of the full annual Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) and the updated 5 year Housing Land Supply Assessment in October, the Council produces a Housing Statistics Release each summer which sets the key housing statistics for the preceding financial year. A copy of the latest release covering statistics to 31 March 2023 is available to download below. 

Five-Year Housing Land Supply Assessment

The Council’s Assessment sets out the current 5-year housing land supply position.
A copy of the latest Assessment of October 2023 is available to download below.