Infrastructure Delivery Plan

An Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) is a plan which sets out the infrastructure currently available and required to support the development set out in a Local Plan. Burnley’s Local Plan covers the period up to 2032 and so the IDP needs to look at the borough’s infrastructure over this timescale. The IDP is a ‘living document’ updated as necessary as infrastructure requirements change over time. 

IDP Baseline Report

Alongside the Local Plan Issues and Options report in 2014, a baseline Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) was produced that pulled together information regarding the existing infrastructure within the borough. You can download the Baseline Report from the Downloads section. 


A first draft of the full IDP (Version 1) was prepared to accompany the Proposed Submission Local Plan, a copy of which can be downloaded from the Downloads section. An updated version of the IDP (Version 2) was prepared for the Local Plan Examination following the receipt of further/updated information from infrastructure providers. A copy can be downloaded from the Downloads section.