Selective Licensing

What is Selective Licensing?

Selective licensing focuses on the management of private rented properties within a designated area. A designation can be made if an area is suffering from one or more of the following: low demand for housing, poor property condition, high levels of antisocial behaviour, migration, deprivation or crime. The key aim is to improve landlords’ management of properties and in doing so, help regenerate the area.

Landlords operating in selective licensing areas are required to obtain a licence for each house. Those who let their property without a licence whilst a scheme is in force are committing a criminal offence with severe penalties.

Is my property affected?

There are currently six selective licensing schemes in operation in Burnley. Read about the individual schemes here.

Alternatively, check if your property needs a licence.

Selective Licensing – How to Apply

An application is required for a licence for each property that is rented within a designated area, unless the property is exempt (see Application Guidance). 

You may find the following documents helpful when making your application:


The total fee for an online application is £715, reduced to £640 for licence holders who have previously held a licence in Burnley. There are discounts available for early applications and members of the council’s Good Landlord and Agent Scheme (GLAS). The fees and discounts are the same across all of the licensing areas, however dates for eligibility do differ. Please check the Fee Structure for the relevant area to be sure you don’t miss out:

What does it mean to have a licence?

Licence holders must adhere to the conditions of their licence once granted; this is to help ensure the property is well managed, safe and in good repair. Find out more about what this means.

Further information

For further information on the scheme or about an application please contact the Selective Licensing Team on 01282 475810 or email