Missed bin collections

If your bin collection was missed by our refuse/recycling collectors, and you: 

  1. Are sure that your refuse/recycling bin was out by 6:30am on collection day
  1. Put your bin in the correct place for collection
  1. Put only your recyclables in your recycling bin
  1. Made certain that the correct bin was available for collection
  1. Made sure that your waste receptacle was safe to move (e.g., it was not overweight and is in good working order)

then our refuse/recycling collection crews may be able to return to collect it.

Please click the button at the bottom of the page to report a missed bin collection. 

Please be aware that it may take up to two working days for a re-collection to occur. However, this may take longer if there is an issue with your collection. Missed bin collections cannot be logged until the following working day.  Missed collections must be logged within six working days after the scheduled collection date. 

The collection crews will not return to a reported missed recycling collection if your bin/box/sack is found to have been contaminated (eg your grey recycling bin for paper and card was found to contain plastic bags). 

All of Burnley Council’s refuse/recycling collection vehicles are fitted with 360o cameras and tracking technology for security and other purposes.  These cameras also allow council staff to check to see if the bins were presented in the correct location at the time of collection. 

If you have reported a missed bin collection for a garden waste bin(s), this will be collected the following Friday. 

If your bin needs repairing

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