Selective Licensing: Area Audits

The licensing team and partners including Streetscene, Housing Enforcement and the Empty Homes Team began a proactive programme of area audits across the licensing areas in 2021. Each designation has been split into smaller “zones” to allow for a targeted assessment and investigation of the private rented sector in these areas. By shifting the area monitoring to focused zones we are able to get a deeper understanding of the conditions in a given area of the licensing designation, and ensure improvements are made to whole streets at a time.

We check that landlords are compliant with the licensing scheme and that gas safety certificates, electrical reports and Energy Performance Certificates are valid. We then undertake external audits of all rented properties within the zone, looking for external disrepair and dirty backyards, as well as checking whether properties have appropriate waste/recycling facilities and secure back gates to reduce the chance of fly tipping. We then contact landlords and letting agents to ensure any problems are addressed. Where we have concerns that a property may be poor internally, we also make a referral to the Housing Enforcement team for a full internal inspection.

After each audit the team reports back on their findings. For more information on the audit programme please contact

Area Audit Final Reports

The reports are available for download below:


  • Trinity
  • icon representing a file Trinity Audit 4: Aug-Oct 2023 Nairne Street, Coal Clough Lane, Hudson Street, Westmorland Street area Trinity Audit 4.pdf
  • Queensgate
  • Gannow
  • icon representing a file Gannow Area Audit 4: May 23 - Jul 23 Adamson St, Wordsworth St, Gannow Lane, Dickson St, Woodbine Rd and Wren St area Gannow Audit 4 Report.pdf
  • Daneshouse & Stoneyholme
  • icon representing a file Daneshouse & Stoneyholme Audit 3: Feb-May 2023 Whalley Street, part Ardwick Street and surrounding area Daneshouse Audit 3.pdf
  • icon representing a file Daneshouse & Stoneyholme Audit 4: Aug-Oct 2023 Castle Street, Cromwell Street, Gordon Street and surrounding area D&S Audit 4.pdf
  • Burnley Wood with Healey Wood
  • Leyland Road Area