Nuisance Complaints

Burnley Borough Council’s Environmental Protection Team investigate complaints of nuisance which may arise from noise (industrial or commercial premises), lighting, smoke, odour and dust. There is further information below about each of these topics and an on-line reporting system that can be used to make complaints.

We recommend that in the first instance you speak to the person or business responsible before contacting Environmental Health. They may not be aware they are causing a problem and may be able to resolve the matter without difficulty.

Please note that noise, barking dogs or anti-social behaviour occurring from domestic properties is investigated by Streetscene and can be reported to them via:

For information regarding barking dogs please follow this link:

For further information regarding anti-social behaviour and domestic noise, click here

Taking your own private action

In some circumstances we may not be able to assist you with your complaint. You may however be able to take your own private action in court. For more information go to: