Report smoke from domestic and commercial premises

The burning of waste produces smoke that contains a range of pollutants that can have damaging health effects as well as being a nuisance to people living nearby, and the burning of commercial waste material is not an acceptable or safe way of disposing of such waste. Although it is acceptable for domestic premises to have an occasional bonfire to burn garden waste, there are also restrictions on what you are allowed to burn. You cannot get rid of household waste if it will cause pollution or harm people’s health, and this includes burning it.

Many areas within the borough of Burnley are subject to smoke control areas where you can’t emit smoke from a chimney unless you’re burning an authorised fuel or using ‘exempt appliances’, for example burners or stoves – see

Examples of what Environmental Health would investigate are:

  • Burning of trade waste
  • Dark smoke from industrial chimneys
  • Bonfires where household items are being burnt

To make a smoke complaint – please click this link to use our online form