Supplementary Planning Documents

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are Local Development Documents which can be prepared to support development plan policies. SPDs may be area-specific or topic-based.

A number of new SPDs have been adopted to support Burnley’s Local Plan. These are:

  • Shopfront & Advertisement Design SPD (adopted)
  • Developer Contributions SPD (adopted) 
  • Air Quality Management: Protecting Health and Addressing Climate Change SPD (adopted)
  • Local List SPD (adopted)
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation and Small Flats SPD (adopted)
  • Residential Extensions SPD (adopted)
  • Planning for Health SPD (adopted)

One further SPD is proposed.  This is:

  • Design Guide: Addressing Quality and Climate Change SPD (on hold awaiting the outcome of Government’s plan-making reforms)

Other Non-Statutory Plans and Guidance

Plans and strategies not prepared as formal SPDs may also be material considerations in the determining of relevant planning applications, particularly where these have been prepared in consultation. Such strategies will have less ‘weight’ as planning policy terms than statutorily prepared documents.

Previous SPDs

A number of SPDs were adopted to support the previous Local Plan and two of these are still retained for the time being as informal guidance.

  • Weavers’ Triangle Public Realm Strategy SPD 
  • Burnley Town Centre Public Realm Strategy SPD  

Burnley Town Centre and Canalside Masterplan

The Burnley Town Centre and Canalside Masterplan was adopted by the Council on 28 November 2018. It is a non-statutory document which supports both Burnley’s Local Plan and the 2016 Burnley Town Centre Strategy. The Masterplan provides a vision for future development and the strategic context to give funders, landowners and private investors the confidence to invest.