Weavers’ Triangle Public Realm Strategy SPD

The Council has published a Public Realm Strategy for the Weavers’ Triangle which establishes the key principles for the design of the public realm in the Weavers’ Triangle. It has been derived from a detailed examination of the Weavers’ Triangle, its history and the potential in its latent character and wealth of assets.

The strategy provides a strategic vision for design and delivery of a distinctive public realm and is relevant to all aspects of the built environment, including the design of buildings, spaces, landscapes and roads, and has implications for planning and development at every scale.

The overriding purpose of the strategy is to ensure a sensitive, coherent, high quality design future for a robust public realm that stimulates the economic, social and cultural potentials of the Weavers’ Triangle.

A robust public realm will bind the historic urban fabric and set a scene in which its unique heritage can be celebrated, and forward investment can be viably programmed, integral to a wider framework of structured development and regeneration.

The SPD was adopted on 20th September 2011.