Gambling Act Draft Statement Of Principles Consultation

The Council is reviewing its Gambling Act 2005 ‘Statement of Principles’.

The Gambling Act 2005 requires each Licensing Authority to update the Gambling Policy Statement at least every 3 years.

The Gambling Policy Statement sets out the principles that the authority will apply when exercising its functions under the Gambling Act 2005.

A national review of the Gambling Act 2005 has been underway for an extended period of time and is not yet concluded and so the Gambling Commission have advised that our Statement should only be refreshed in line with the requirements of the Act so as to be enforceable from January 2025, and this is our approach.

You have an opportunity to comment on the Council’s revised policy until Friday 30th August 2024.  Please ensure that any comments you would like to make are submitted by this date.

The draft document can be viewed in the download section of this page.

If you wish to make any comments then please complete this online form.