Licence fees and how to pay

The preferred method of payment would be to use our online payments system. To view a full list of our services which can be paid online please use this link.

For any taxi payments please see the dedicated page.

Please note that not all our services are available to pay online, where this is the case the preferred method of payment is by bank transfer using the following bank account details for Burnley Borough Council:

Bank: HSBC
Account: 91206850
Sort Code: 40 15 17

Please email a copy of your receipt for payment/screenshot of your transaction
to: and copy to and

It is also useful to add the receipt number/screenshot of your transaction to your
application when submitting it to the Council.

Reference CodePayment for:
FSAFE/3331Food Hygiene Re-Rating
Food Export Health Certificate
Street Traders
Food Advisory Visit
R6160 / 3331All taxi matters
HSAFE / 3331Skin Piercers Registration
Animal Welfare Licences (pet shops,
boarding kennels, riding
establishments etc)
R6161 / 3331Premises Licences (alcohol &
Personal Licences (alcohol)
Gambling Premises
Scrap Metal
Second Hand Goods
R6005/3358Environmental Permits
Environmental Protection Matters

Alternatively, payment can be made over the phone by contacting 01282 425011
and chose the payments option. Please be aware that due to an increased demand
placed on the Council’s switchboard service, you may be held in a queue.
Please quote the relevant reference code and give a brief description of your
name/premises name and the type of licence you are applying for when making


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