Authority Monitoring Report and Statistics


To assess progress against the plan-making milestones set out in the Local Development Scheme and the implementation of the policies and proposals in the Local Plan, the Council prepares a Monitoring Report each year.

The latest Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) for 2020/21 can be downloaded below.

Other Housing Statistics Publications

Prior to the production of the AMR, the Council produces a separate Housing Statistics Release. A copy of the June 2022 release setting out some key housing statistics to 31 March 2022. The Council also publishes separately, in October each year, an updated Five-year housing land supply assessment.

Further Information

The AMR includes statistics gathered directly by the Council e.g. housing and employment permissions and completions, and also relevant data from other parties e.g. ONS, including statistics on population and households.

ONS’s 2020 mid-year population estimate for the borough (MYE) shows a further rise in population to 89,300, the seventh successive yearly rise. 

ONS’s latest popfulation and household projections for Burnley (the 2018-based projections) indicate significantly higher future population and household growth from that indicated in the previous 2014 and 2016-based projections.