Issues and Options

There were two stages to the issues and options consultation in 2014:

1: Issues and Options Consultation – Spring 2014

‘Burnley’s Local Plan: Issues and Options’ set out a series of options for: growth, policies and sites for development. It was accompanied by a Summary Document and Policies Maps (East and West).

You can download this document, and a summary of it and the accompanying Policies Maps, below.

The consultation was accompanied by accompany by the following documents:

This consultation ran from 17 February 2014 to 31 March 2014.

2: Issues and Options: Additional Sites Consultation – Autumn 2014

Following on from the initial Issues and Options consultation, the Council consulted on an Issues and Options: Additional Sites document and Sustainability Appraisal. This consultation was to seek comment on some alternative Housing and Employment sites proposed by landowners, developers and local residents during the original Issues and Options consultation; and, to seek comment on additional options for Gypsy and Traveller sites.

map showing the location of these sites (extracted from the main document) can be downloaded separately.

This Consultation period ran from the 26  August to 7 October 2014.


  • Issues and Options Spring 2014
  • Additional Sites Autumn 2014