Crime Prevention Advice

See below for some top tips on how to protect your home and car against criminals.

Beat The Burglar

Secure your property: Always make sure your doors and windows are locked. Don’t be an easy target – thieves will go elsewhere if they have to work hard to steal your stuff. Fit extra or stronger locks, install an alarm system.

Remove temptation: Make sure valuables can’t be seen from outside your home. Move expensive TVs, audio equipment or computers away from windows or use blinds to keep them hidden from view.

Con the criminal: Leave a light on when you go out, or use a timer.

Remove the means to commit crime: Make sure you don’t equip a thief with the tools to break into your home. Lock up garden tools, ladders or anything else that might help a thief commit crime.

Reduce the payoff: If the worst happens and you are the victim of crime you can minimise the loss by making sure you have up-to-date and proper insurance cover, especially for valuable items.

Increase your chances of getting your property back: Make sure items, especially valuable ones, are marked with your post-code – that way if the police do recover your property they can get it back to you.

Put criminals in the spotlight: Deter thieves by making sure they’ll be seen. Cut back thick bushes or trees so your neighbours or passers-by can see if your house is being broken into. Fit security lights.

Use natural defences: Plant thorny bushes or plants; use natural defences to create a barrier to put off thieves from climbing walls or fences for example.

Join forces: Join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme if there is one in your community.  If not, why not get together with your neighbours and set one up?

Be a good neighbour: Keep a discreet eye on your neighbour’s property, especially when you know they are away, and report any suspicious behaviour to the police.

Cut Out Car Crime

Secure your vehicle: Always make sure doors and windows are locked and do not rely on auto-locking systems.  Don’t be an easy target – thieves will go elsewhere if they have to work hard to steal your stuff.

Remove temptation: Keep your valuables out of sight.  Hide your sat nav and fittings and make sure other valuables are not left on show.

Remove the means to commit crime: Don’t leave the keys in the ignition regardless of how quick you think you’ll be and don’t leave your car unattended.  It can only take seconds for a thief to strike.

Put criminals in the spotlight: Be mindful of where you park your car, is it well lit or dark?  Poorly lit and deserted areas may be more enticing for car thieves.

Establish a routine: Close windows, remove keys, remove property and lock all doors. Make securing your car a matter of habit.