Safer Cabbying & Safeguarding

The information in the documents section on this page will assist drivers who are preparing for a safer Cabbying test. It is recommended that you complete your Safeguarding course (Trust2Ride) prior to taking your Safer Cabbying test.

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Information Specific to Burnley Hackney and Private Hire Licences

Documents are available to download below that are particularly relevant to Burnley, including conditions and byelaws.


Links to National Guidance

Highway Code

Rights for Disabled Passengers

Wheelchair Accessible Travel


Trade Publication

Private Hire and Taxi Monthly


Practice test

You can take a Practice Test which will help you prepare for the format of the test. When you take the real test you will need to answer some personal details. You do not need to input real information on the practice test. 

The questions are multiple choice and require you to use the computer mouse to select the correct answer.

Go to the practice test.