Street Trading Consent

Consent to trade is required for all street trading activities such as hot food vehicles, ice cream vans and flower stalls. If you are selling food you will need to complete a Food Registration form

Food business may be subject to inspection and permission to site a mobile stall will be required from the Highways Department and from the landowner.

The definition of street includes private land where the public have free access to buy articles from you, so a consent may be required even if you are trading on private land. If you trade entirely at ticketed trade fairs/events, private parties or outside of the Borough you will not require a consent.

Some streets are prohibited, others may require a consent from other officers in the Council, particularly in and adjacent to parks, the cemetery or the pedestrianised area of the town centre. Please refer to our guidance documents for further details.

Street Consent Permits can be purchased for different time periods. Please view our charges here

Please make your payment and ensure that you have the following which must be submitted with your application form:

  • A DBS which is no older than 1 month, for you and anyone who will be working with you
  • A current gas / electricity certificate

You can request a basic DBS check from

To make payment for Street Trading Consent, please use our online form.