Pay for your application & Sundry Items

To make a Taxi Licensing payment please use our online form.

Once into the Taxi Licensing Payment screen, you will initially need to provide some basic contact details. All fields marked with a star(*) must be completed

From the Licence Details page, you will need to select a payment option.

You will then be asked to provide some further details regarding yourself/your vehicle and will be given the option to order any additional lanyards/badge holders/plate holders/stickers you may require.

Please note, a badge holder and lanyard is provided with new badge applications only. Please also note, 2 x door stickers are provided with new plate applications only. Any replacements will need to be purchased.

If you are renewing your vehicle plate, please be aware that these cannot be collected within 48 hours of receiving your application / the vehicle having had its compliance test to allow time for the test documents to reach us.

Once you have completed your payment options, you will be taken to the final payment screen to make your payment. You will receive a receipt number and a copy of your receipt will be e-mailed to you on completion.

When we have received your payment and your application has been processed, you will be contacted by telephone or e-mail to arrange collection of your documents from our Contact Centre on Parker Lane.

Type of Licence / ProcessFee
Private Hire Operator (1-50 vehicles)5 year licence £2156
1 year licence (special circumstances) £447
Private Hire Operator (> 50 vehicles)5 year licence £2372
1 year (special circumstances) £525
Private Hire Operator
(Single vehicle at Private Address)
5 year licence £1250
1 year licence (special circumstances) £261
Private Hire Driver New/Renewal Application3 year £237
1 year (special circumstances) £100
Private Hire Vehicle
(now all 4 month licences)
Hackney Carriage Driver3 year £243
1 year (special circumstances) £102
Hackney Carriage Vehicle
(now all 4 month licences)
Dual Driver Licence Discount£45 (only applies when both driver applications
are submitted at same time)
1. Insurance / 3rd Party Letters/ Response
to request for information held on file.
2. Comprehensive Report
1. £28.25
2. £83.15
Hackney Roundel£10.20
Private Hire Insurance Stickers£10.20
Replacement Plate Platform£7.15
Replacement Vehicle Licence Plate£24.00
Replacement Plate Buttons£2.50
Replacement window stickers£8.95
Replacement Badge£14.35
Badge Holder£3.65
Operator’s Booking Registers£2.40 per book