Your refuse and recycling bins and containers

Wheelie Bins

Householders are responsible for the safe keeping of their wheelie bin.

If your wheelie bin is lost or stolen a charge of £31.90 will be made for a replacement.

The Council can advise people on how to keep their bin safe. People can take a number of easy measures:

  • Mark your bin clearly with your house number and, if possible, street name
  • Try to leave your bin out for emptying for the least time possible. Your bin must be out for emptying by 6.30am on collection day 
  • Try to take it back in as soon as possible after it’s been emptied. We realise that for people who work that may mean tea-time the same day
  • Don’t leave your bin off your property for more than a day
  • Keep it in a secure place if possible

Order new wheelie Bins, White sacks / bags and Boxes