Local land charges

When you buy a house, your solicitor will make a search of the Council’s records to ensure there are no hidden surprises, such as motorways at the bottom of your garden or outstanding Notices requiring you to take action to remedy an earlier wrong doing.

What is a Local Land Charge?

A charge that is enforceable against any subsequent owner of the land affected. An originating authority notifies the Local Land Charges section of the Council when a “local land charge” needs to be registered. Originating authorities include the Highways Agency, English Heritage, the Environment Agency, water authorities, local authorities etc.

Charges which are registerable as Local Land Charges include:

  • conditions imposed in a planning permission
  • enforcement notices
  • tree preservation orders
  • financial charges e.g. for works carried out in default such as drainage repairs.

There are two types of Land charge searches – official searches and personal searches.

Official Local Land Charge Searches

The Local Land Charge Section carries out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975, guaranteeing comprehensive replies to the official LLC1 and CON29 enquiries. The search will be in two parts:-LLC1 – this first part, the Official Certificate of Search Form , deals with all the registerable charges, for example financial charges (registered against the property by the local authority), improvement grants, tree preservation orders, conditional planning consents and agreements.

CON29 – the second part called Enquiries of Local Authorities Form deals with issues such as road schemes, the planning history of the property and various notices which affect the property.

Examples of the information only to be found by submitting a CON 29 are given below:-

  • Compulsory Purchase Orders
  • proposed Tree Preservation Orders
  • many informal notices under planning and highways laws not found on any register
  • road proposals or schemes (including road widening)
  • proposed enforcement action or breach of condition notices

Personal land charge searches

These are carried out by the member of the public or their representative and the register is made available for inspection by the person conducting the search.

Please contact the Local Land Charge office on 01282 425011 extension 3262 to make an appointment if you wish to carry out a personal search or email landcharges@burnley.gov.uk.

Water searches

United Utilities look after the network of public sewers in Burnley.

If you are asking for a search to be undertaken or you are wanting to undertake a personal search, please contact your water company on 0870 7510101.