trees a Burnley park on a sunny day

Trees in parks and open spaces

The council is responsible for the maintenance and management of trees in council-owned parks and green spaces. The Tree Management Policy sets out how these trees will be managed and maintained.

Trees on highway verges

Are the responsibility of Lancashire County Council. Any enquiries should be directed to Lancashire County Councils Highways.

Trees on Calico Homes land

If you live in a house owned by Calico Homes, please call contact 01282 686300.

Trees and hedges in private gardens

The council has no responsibility for the maintenance or management of trees that are growing in private gardens. If you have concerns about a tree or hedge growing in a neighbours garden, the first thing to do is to discuss your concerns with them.

There is legislation covering high hedges and the document Over the Garden Hedge provides information on how to resolve issues with your neighbours before a complaint can be made to the Council. There is also useful information on the Citizen’s Advice Bureau website.

If you are considering having work done to trees in your own garden, it is recommended that you employ a reputable local tree surgeon who is properly insured and who will make enquiries about whether there are any Tree Preservation Orders and complete the tree preservation order form or apply on the planning portal website. Read this list of contractors that are accredited by the Arboricultural Association.

Why topping trees is a bad idea

Read this useful document ‘Why Topping Hurts Trees’ produced by Northumberland County Council, before considering ‘topping’ any trees.