Brun Valley Forest Park

The Brun Valley Forest Park links together 13 separate areas of open space owned by  Burnley Borough Council and Lancashire County Council to create a diverse landscape for recreation and biodiversity.

Most of the sites that make up the forest park have been reclaimed from former industrial uses, including railway lines, Bank Hall and Rowley Collieries, a quarry, brick works and former landfill sites, together with areas of formal parkland. Collectively they create a forest park that extends from Burnley Central Station along the valleys of the rivers Brun and Don to the open countryside on the east side of Burnley.

The forest park covers 130 hectares, provides more than 16km of multi-user paths, and encompasses a diverse landscape including formal parks, meadows, woodland, rivers, ponds and lakes.

Download a plan or explore the wildlife of this amazing landscape, below.