The Council provides allotments at a number of sites across the borough.


  • West Street
  • Lawrence Street
  • Quarry Street
  • Green Street / Fennyfold
  • Whitegate
  • Lumb Quarry


  • Woodgrove Road
  • Heasandford
  • Reedley Hallows
  • Palace House
  • Harold Street


The annual cost is £0.30 per m2.  If water is provided to the plot there is an additional charge of £15.40 per year.  A concession of 50% is available for people aged over 60.


All allotments are currently allocated.  Please be aware that the waiting list is long at present.

If you are applying for an allotment and your circumstances change, including your contact details, please let the council know so that our records are up to date. It is important that applicants inform the council of any changes to their personal details.