Parish, Town & County Council

Burnley Borough Council is responsible for key services in the borough. The best known ones include waste collection; street cleaning; running the public leisure centres; maintaining parks, green spaces and cemeteries; considering planning applications; organising large scale regeneration projects; and licensing taxis, restaurants, takeaways and a range of other businesses

But your local Council services are provided at three levels – County, Borough and – in some areas – parish councils.

Most local council spending in Burnley is the responsibility of Lancashire County Council.

The LCC supports the state primary and secondary schools, a sixth form centre, and runs social services, libraries, state funded youth services.

LCC has the main responsibility for highways, including winter gritting, and for street lighting maintenance.

Burnley Council is committed to regular contact with LCC so that we are working in a joined up way wherever possible.

Follow the links in this section for information on your local Lancashire County Councillors. has more information about Padiham Town Council, and information on the parish councils in the borough. You will find pages, folders and databases with all the relevant contact details, and information on all the town and parish councillors.