Postal votes

Voting by post is an easy and convenient way of voting if you are unable to get to the polling station. You just need to complete a postal vote application and return it to us at the Elections Office.

Who can apply for a postal vote?

Anyone aged 18 or over who is on the electoral register can apply for a postal vote. You do not need a reason to vote by post.

Where can I get my postal vote sent?

A postal vote can be sent to your home address or to any other address that you give. Postal votes can be sent overseas, but you need to consider whether there will be enough time to receive and return your ballot paper by election day

When will I receive my ballot papers?

Postal votes are usually sent out about a week before election day. Once you’ve got it, mark your vote on the ballot paper and make sure you send it back so that it arrives by close of poll. If it arrives later than this your vote won’t be counted.

A few things to remember about postal voting:

  • Once you have been issued a postal vote you can’t vote at a polling station, but you can drop your postal vote off at the polling station as long as the polling station is in the same ward or constituency
  • Remember that you must return your postal vote by 10pm on the day of the election
  • If you move house or change your name you will need to complete a new postal application
  • If you want a postal vote it is good to apply early. Don’t wait until an election is advertised

For what period does my postal vote last?

You can apply for just one election, for a specific time period, or for a permanent postal vote.

If I have applied for a postal vote, can I still vote at the polling station?

If you have applied to vote by post, you cannot vote in person at the polling station.  However, on election day you can return you postal vote to the polling station (before 10pm) or to your local electoral registration office (before they close) if you do not want to post it or it is too late to post it.

How do I get a postal vote?

You can call 01282 477261 or 01282 477263 or email to request a personalised application form.