How to stand as a candidate

Standing as a candidate in a UK Parliamentary Election

If your interested in standing as a candidate in the next Parliamentary election then have a look at the Electoral Commission website. It has many resources for candidates and agents. 

Standing as a candidate in a Local Government Election

The council runs information sessions for people who want to find out more about being a Burnley councillor. See the download on the right for more information.

Any person wanting to stand as a candidate within the Borough of Burnley will be issued with a nomination pack which will consist of:

  • Nomination Paper
  • Consent to Nomination
  • Appointment of Election Agent
  • Timetable
  • Code of Conduct Guidance for candidates & agents

Every candidate must submit a nomination paper, you will require two signatories: a proposer and a seconder who must be local government electors within the ward you wish to represent. The nomination paper must be delivered before the date given on the Notice of Election.

You must sign and submit a Consent to Nomination which is a declaration to the effect that you are qualified to stand, and the consent must be attested by a witness.

If you wish to appoint another person to act as your election agent you must complete a notice of appointment of election agent, and that appointed agent must sign a declaration of acceptance. If no such application is received the candidate will be deemed to be acting as their own agent.

If you are a candidate for a registered political party you will also need to submit a Certificate of Authorisation and request to use the party emblem. On the close of nominations the candidate will be sent a letter confirming whether or not the nomination is valid.

If a candidate decides to withdraw their nomination they have until no later than noon on the 16th working day prior to the date of the election to withdraw.