Memorials and remembrance

There are several options for relatives who wish to commemorate their loved ones.

The Books of Remembrance are located in the Remembrance Room adjacent to the crematorium chapel. Suitable incriptions remembering the departed are handwritten in mediaeval illuminated script. The pages are turned daily so that the entry can be viewed on the anniversary of the date requested. Entries in the book can be requested completing a Book of Remembrance Inscription Order Form.

Commemorative seats made from high quality oak and bearing a dedication plaque can be located in parks and Burnley Borough Council owned green spaces. The typical cost for a seat will be around £600.

The ongoing Heritage Lottery Funded restoration of Thompson Park has given the council the opportunity to develop a new commemorative scheme. In the near future refurbished tradtiional park seats can be sponsored with a dedicated plaque fixed to it. There will also be the opportunity to sponsor the rose garden with a dedicated plaque. The cost and period of the sponsorship is currently under review but we welcome any enquiries.

Find out more about the restoration of Thompson Park.

Commemorative trees and shrubs can be purchased through the Green Spaces and Amenities department and located in all parks and green spaces with the exceptions of Towneley Park and the crematorium.

Bereavement Services has a Memorial Mason’s Registration Scheme to ensure memorials are installed to national standards. When instructing a memorial mason, please ensure that they are registered with us or they will not be permitted to work in our cemeteries.

Important note – we do not allow wreaths, floral tributes, toys or other artefacts to be placed on or around the commemorative trees, benches or rose garden.