Historical searches of death records

The death certificates will usually be your first port of call when attempting to search for burial information. Once you have obtained a copy of the death certificate you will know the date of death and final residence of the deceased. This is the information that Bereavement Services can use to locate burial and grave details. 

If you do not have a copy of the death certificate or information on the date of death it may still be possible to find the information you are looking for by searching the Death Indexes held at Burnley Cemetery office.

Searches of Death Indexes

Bereavement Services do not have the staff to undertake searches of an indefinite or protracted nature. Usually a search in the death index will be carried out if:

  • the burial took place in Burnley or Padiham
  • the cremation took place in Burnley crematorium
  • the search is for a period that covers not more than 1 year

However, you may arrange with the Bereavement Services to search the records yourself in person. Please contact the office to arrange an appointment.