Self-employed income

If you are self-employed, we need to work out your average weekly income from your business after deducting allowable expenses, tax and national insurance contributions and half of any private pension contributions that you pay.

Report a change

Report a change in your self-employed income using the links below if any of the following apply:

  • You have been sent a letter in respect of reviewing your self-employed income
  • It has been 12 months since you last provided your self-employed accounts
  • You wish to inform us of significant changes to your self-employed income since the last time you provided your accounts or we reviewed your income. This could be increases / decreases to your profits / losses, income / expenditure, hours or other material changes to your business.

You can upload your audited accounts or complete a self-employed review form.

Before you start you will need the following:

  • Claim reference number
  • Full details of your self-employed income and expenditure
  • Details of any private pensions you pay into

Upon completion of the form, you may be asked to provide additional evidence in relation your self-employed income or expenditure.