Join the Council’s Commercial Waste Collection scheme

Starting from just £20 a month, our commercial waste collection prices are among the lowest in the UK and we deliver a service you can trust.


Your business must comply with the law.
Every business has a legal duty of care to ensure that any waste it produces or handles is stored, transported, treated, reprocessed and disposed of legally and safely.

If you give your waste to anyone else you must be sure they are authorised to take it. The Council is an authorised waste collection service and will ensure that you stay within the law by providing your business with waste transfer notes.

How much does it cost?

Our costs are amongst the lowest in the UK because you don’t pay VAT. It costs from as little as £20 per month for collection and disposal.

How it works, in 3 simple steps

Step 1: Choose if you want to use bins or bags for your waste and recycling

  • Bins Choose this option if you have storage space
  • Pre-paid bags Ideal for businesses who don’t have any storage space

Step 2: Choose the materials you want to have collected or recycled

  • Mixed recycling includes paper and cardboard together
  • Mixed tin cans and plastic bottles/tubs together
  • General waste

Step 3: Get in touch and we will provide a tailored quote based upon your needs.

We will discuss the most suitable arrangements and arrange your collection dates. Just leave your bins or bags out at your allotted day/time and we’ll take it from there.