Clinical Waste

We provide information, advice and free disposal service for clinical waste from private households in the borough. 

Clinical waste collections are carried out by a separate collection crew to your household collection:

  • Sharp instruments for example, needles etc. are collected on the first Thursday of every month.
  • Clinical waste that is hazardous, infectious and communicable to others are collected weekly, on Thursdays.

Clinical waste must not be placed with your normal waste; it should be stored in special yellow clinical waste bags, which must be tied/sealed prior to collection.  Sharps boxes are provided free of charge for domestic residents, which you can order here.

Non-hazardous clinical/medical waste can be collected as part of the normal domestic waste collection, i.e. it can be placed in your wheeled bin.  It can only be considered hazardous due to certain medical conditions, whether there is a risk of the transmission of a communicable disease or by the type of waste, e.g., hypodermic needles.