Voter ID

You must have the right photo ID with you when you vote in elections from now on – find out more, and what to do if you don’t have a photo ID, here

Road Closures for Street Events

King’s Coronation Street Parties: please notify us if you want a classified road/bus route closure by Monday 13th February 2023. For minor, unclassified roads please notify us by Monday 20th March 2023.

The Council can make orders for certain events which require the closure of streets. These events include processions, street parties and other activities of a festive nature. Orders will only be made where the highway authority, Lancashire County Council, have agreed the organisers’ traffic management and safety measures. A non-classified road closure application must be made at least 10 weeks in advance of the date of closure, to allow for consultation with the emergency services, the Highway Authority and bus operators, where required, and a 21 day advertising period.  For events on minor residential streets this is rarely a problem and we usually only require 4 weeks’ notice.  For events on main roads and those affecting bus routes we will require 12 weeks’ notice. Please read our policy on the requirements for making a road closure.

Let us know what you’re planning by completing our event notification form. You’ll find it in the download sections below. Print this off, complete it, and send to us. You can also save as your own document to your own computer, and when completed click submit to send it as an email attachment to

You can find information about organising safe events here.

The Government has produced a guide to help you plan and organise a street party. This includes a form for you to use to let us know about your plans.  Further advice is also available on

Sporting and entertainment event road closures can be made by Lancashire County Council. For these please contact the County Council at least 3 months before the event – click here for details or call 0300 123 6780.