Local Plan Consultation

Comments on documents such as the Local Plan will be invited at specific times in line with the process and consultation policy set out in the Statement of Community Involvement (SCI).

We will issue advice on how and when comments can be made at the relevant time. We will provide online and electronic/hard copy forms for making comments where appropriate to the plan-making stage in question.

Local Plan Consultation Database

The Council maintains a database of consultees, including those whom the legislation requires us to consult and those who have asked to be individually notified of consultation stage launches.

If you wish to be added to this database, please send your relevant details to: localplan@burnley.gov.uk  or telephone 01282 425011 ext 2280. Please remember to notify us of any changes of address etc.

To be added to the database you will need to provide the following information (*required):

  • *Your name
  • *Your address
  • *Your email address if you have one
  • Your postscode
  • Your telephone number(s)

Each person/organization/company will normally be only allowed one entry on the database and all consultations will be sent by email. Please advise us if this is not appropriate for you and why, and we will agree to contact you by alternative means.

Note re Objective Consultation Portal: Since 30 Dec 2015 the Council no longer uses the Objective Consultation Software which you may previously have used to register your interest in or submit comments on the local plan. All consultees have been transferred to the new database and all comments previously made have been safely stored electronically and on file.

Private Notice

We cannot accept anonymous comments or comments marked ‘private or confidential’. Your name and address must be supplied.

All comments received will be open to public inspection on request. At certain formal consultation stages e.g. proposed submissIon, the Council is required to publish on its website the comments received.  Your signature, email address and telephone numbers will be removed (redacted), however, your name and postal address will be published.

At other consultation stages, comments may be published as a schedule (verbatim or summarised) and these may list your name and your general location e.g. Padiham, Cliviger, Brunshaw. 

Like other aspects of how we use your comments, this is about balancing different issues, such as openness and confidentiality. The full data you have supplied will only be used by the Council and the Planning Inspectorate or any third parties who provide services on their behalf, in connection with the Local Plan. Your data will be stored and processed in accordance with data protection legislation.

Inadmissible comments

Offensive, defamatory, racist, discriminatory or threatening statements will not be published and in some cases may be returned to you. If the Council publishes comments of this type, this may leave you and the Council open to legal action. If you include personal information about someone else or seek to represent someone else’s views without their specific permission to act as their agent, this information will not be published. We want to hear your views and want to make sure that comments we receive can be used as we develop the Local Plan – so please do keep your comments relevant and appropriate.