Having submitted the Local Plan to the Secretary of State on 20th July 2017, the independent Examination of the Plan began and involved public Hearing Sessions in November and December 2017.

The Inspector

Mr Kevin Ward BA (Hons) MRTPI was appointed by the Secretary of State to undertake an independent examination and subsequently issue a report with his conclusions.

Programme Officer

All correspondence to, or from, the Inspector was via an independent Programme Officer. Following the receipt of the Inspector’s final Report the Programme Officer is no long in place.

Examination Library

The Examination Library comprises the documents submitted to and issued by the Inspector as the Examination progressed. Whilst the documents are no longer available on our website, a list of these is still available to view at the foot of this page. Individual documents may be supplied on request to localplan@burnley.gov.uk

This Examination Library list should be viewed alongside the Submission webpage where the original Submission Documents List may be accessed. 

Inspector’s Report

The Planning Inspectorate returned the final version of the Inspector’s Report on 9th July 2018.