Why is my application invalid

For an application to be registered as a valid application, the Local Planning Authority needs to receive a certain amount of information, which would normally include:

  • an application form
  • scaled plans (existing and proposed)
  • the correct fee 
  • any other required supporting documentation.

The validation documentation has more information on what is required to be submitted with applications.

When an application is initially received, an Officer will look at the information submitted and if any information is missing then an Invalid letter will be sent to the applicant or agent explaining what is required.

Until the required information is submitted, the application will remain “Invalid” and therefore no further action will be taken.  Once all the information is received, the application will be registered from the date of receipt of the required information (if received at a weekend this will be the first working day after receipt).

An invalid letter is not a refusal of the application – it is a letter advising that not all the information required to make the application valid has been received.