Simple step by step guide to planning applications

Step 1 – Check if you need planning permission

Not all work requires planning permission. You can check whether you need planning permission by using the Planning Portal interactive guide

If you are still unsure visit our pre-application advice page.

Step 2 – Find the right application form

There are different types of planning application which require different forms. The Planning Portal asks questions to guide you to the correct form. You can either complete your application online, or print out the form and send us your application in the post.

PDF forms can be downloaded from our planning application forms page.

Step 3 – Check what you need to submit

Before submitting your planning application you need to check what additional information you need to provide. Follow our guidance and checklists.

Step 4 – Submit your application and pay fees

You can submit your application for planning permission, along with any supporting information on the Planning Portal website.

Planning Portal – application fees