Planning applications and data protection

Planning applications are published lawfully as a public register for consultation, in accordance with planning legislation.  This information is held manually and electronically.  Burnley Borough Council has taken into consideration advice provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in deciding what information relating to planning applications is published on this web-site.

Fair Obtaining Notice

The Data Protection legislation gives rights to you about how your personal data is obtained and used by Burnley Borough Council (the ‘data controller’).  When commenting on planning applications or submitting a planning application, the information you provide will be used to process the planning application and any subsequent appeal (should one be lodged).  This means that your letters/comments will be available to be viewed by anyone via our website or at our offices.  The information you provide will not be made available on this web-site for any longer than is necessary. 

Before information is displayed on the these web pages, we will make every effort to blank out personal and sensitive information such as names, telephone numbers, email addresses and signatures on documents submitted to Planning Services and scanned after 1st January 2018.  However, anyone wishing to view the original application files will be able to view this information in its entirety when visits are made to the Council Offices or the Contact Centre on Parker Lane.

Information scanned prior to January 2012 was scanned almost in its entirety.  Because personal information cannot easily be removed from some of these scanned documents, those particular documents have been removed from the website in order to comply with the requirements of the Data Protection legislation.  Planning Services apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

Representations on householder planning applications will be removed from the web-site periodically, normally every 6 months, provided a decision has been made on the planning application to which they relate.

We take the security of customer information very seriously, and our priority is to protect the data of all our customers.  If you have any concerns about the information that is displayed on this website please email giving the full application number of the file and details of the documents containing the information, e.g. date of letter. If you require any further details please contact the Development Control team by email on or telephone 01282 425011.