Building Control Site Inspections

You must contact the Building control office, to give formal notification of your intention to start work 48 hours before commencing.

Building work must be inspected during its progress and sufficient notice must be given to arrange site visits. This applies to work sanctioned under both the full plans and building notice procedures.

It is very important that the Building control office is called into inspect various stages of work as it progresses.

In particular you are required to notify us before:

  1. The commencement of work
  2. Excavations for foundations
  3. Any foundation is laid
  4. Any damp proof course is laid or built off
  5. Any concrete of other material is laid over a site
  6. Putting in drains or sewers which come under the control of the Building Regulations
  7. Completion of haunching of a drain
  8. Final and satisfactory completion of building work

How to book

Requests for site inspections must be received no later than 10.00am of the same day. Site Inspections take place between 10.30am – 1.00pm.

Call Burnley Council: 01282 477269.