What’s the council doing?

We’ve put tackling climate change is at the heart of everything we do as a council.

We recognise that we can only play a small, but important role, in helping to save our plant. But if everyone takes just a small step in changing their habits it all adds up to a massive, positive impact on reducing environmental damage to our world.

We’ll keep adding to this list, and you’ll find more details in the relevant links on the Our Journey to Net Zero home page, so don’t think this is everything we do!

  • Establishing the council’s carbon budget and identifying key areas where emissions can be reduced 
  • Measuring and monitoring emissions from our key facilities to look at where we can reduce energy use, decarbonise our buildings and make them more energy efficient  
  • Looking into the best method to measure emissions data within our supply chain and service procurement, so we can take a complete approach to reducing emissions  
  • Started to switch our vehicle fleet from diesel to electric 
  • Rolling out a network of electric vehicle charging points, including 21 fast charge stations in eight public car parks across the borough 
  • Encouraging recycling in council buildings 
  • Installed energy-saving lighting and other measures in council buildings 
  • Successfully won funding from Trees for Cities to enable 7,500 trees to be planted in the last six months alone 
  • Encouraging nature recovery by taking a new approach to grass management to create wildlife havens and encourage greater biodiversity