If you needed an incentive to find alternative ways of getting around then a regular visit to the garage to fill up your car should be enough.

By making a few relatively painless changes you could save money – and help save the environment. The really do “cost the earth”!

The emissions from cars are one of the worst polluters and causes of global warming.

It’s not just cars of course – we’re not picking on them.

Transport in general accounts for around 30% of global carbon emissions, and 72% of these emissions come from road traffic – cars, vans, lorries, buses and other motor vehicles.

Did you know?

diagram showing travel distances for cars and vans - detail below

20% of journeys made by car or van are under one mile – you could walk that in 15 minutes, and in some cases it would be quicker than a car!

Almost 40% of journeys by car and van are two miles or under

Half of all journeys in a car or van are under five miles.

Instead you could ….

Walk or cycle

We’re lucky that our borough has six major award-winning parks, a canal and loads of green spaces running through it – all of which make great places to walk or cycle away from traffic.

We recently created what we called the Richards route (don’t ask) – an 18-mile circular cycle route that takes in all our major parks – link to the route. You could use parts of this to create your own “off-road” traffic free route. Or you could just set off to discover your own trails.

Towpath improvements

Improvements to a stretch of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal towpath on the edge of Burnley town centre have improved things for walkers and cyclists alike.

The project was delivered by the Canal & River Trust, in partnership with Burnley Council, and forms part of Burnley’s Levelling Up Programme with the aim to enhance links to the rail station and better integrate the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) campus with the canal.

Here are some before and after shots.



A typical bus holds up to 50 people (if absolutely jammers) – that’s the equivalent of taking up to 50 cars off the road.

With the Government limiting most fares to £2 one-way until November 2024 you can travel around the borough for less than it costs to park.

Burnley Bus Company, part of TransDev, is the main bus operator in the borough (although other bus companies do provide services). You might want to download TransDev’s app to your mobile phone – it gives details about timetables, routes, service updates and even shows you where your bus is at any given moment (so you can plan your trip to the bus stop and save some waiting around). Search “Transdev Go” in your app store.

bus and train graphic


Burnley must be alone in the country for a town of its size to have four railway stations – Manchester Road (to Leeds and Manchester), Central, Rosegrove and Barracks (all Preston and Colne).

The opening of a direct rail route to Manchester has made a massive impact in terms of improving links between our borough and the great city. Going by train saves fuel and the cost of parking, and reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Northern Rail runs these services – the website gives details about Northern’s mobile phone app that gives information about its services and other useful stuff.

Latest news

New real-time bus information displays to be installed across Burnley

The real-time screens will track the arrival times of buses, counting down the minutes.

Lancashire Council Council is currently discussing which bus routes to upgrade, with work expected to start next year, funded by Levelling Up money from the Government.