Reduce, re-use, recycle

We live in a throwaway society – use and dispose.

But take a moment to think – can what I’m throwing in the bin be used again? It saves resources and reduces our adverse impact on the environment; and in many cases it can help out other people.

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By cutting back on the things we buy, whatever they are, or changing our eating habits, we can save money, save resources and cut the amount we throw away.

A simple change to our shopping habits can make a real difference.

Think about:

  • Buying loose fruit and veg at the supermarket rather than pre-packed (and save on packaging)
  • Cut out ready and packaged meals and use fresh items instead
  • Think about where the food you’re buying is coming from – and buy as local as possible
  • Eat more healthily – fresh fruit and veg rather than tinned

We’re not telling you what to buy or how to eat – just to pause and think for a moment about what you are buying. Small, simple step changes to the way to go shopping can make a difference.

Find out more about the way we farm animals is impacting on our world – Wild mammals make up only a few percent of the world’s mammals – Our World in Data 

Fighting food waste

Did you know?

More than one-third of all food is being wasted!

Too Good to Go is an app that can help you reduce that waste.

Re-fill your boots (and bottles)

The free Refill app lists businesses which participate in the Refill scheme. It lists over 14,000 businesses – cafés, restaurants, shops, hotels and more – which will let you fill up your own bottle or flask even if you’re not a customer, across 100-odd parts of the UK where the Refill scheme operates.



There’s a range of businesses, especially online, that allow you to sell unwanted clothing, shoes and other items so someone else can wear them.

It helps save resources, reduces the carbon footprint and makes you money – what’s not to like!

Or you could help others by donating your clothes, shoes, books, CDs etc to a charity shop – it helps them help others by using your unwanted items to raise money. At the same time you could pick up a bargain – and re-use those items for a second, third, fourth … etc time so we wring the absolute most out of them.

Let’s ditch the throwaway culture!

Furniture and household goods

A number of organisations in or around our borough are willing to take unwanted furniture and even some electrical items off your hands so that other people, who are less fortunate perhaps, can use them. In some cases your unwanted items can help raise money for charities to help them carry out essential work to help others.


Household waste

The council operates a regular household waste collection service to all homes in the borough.

We collect:

  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Metal (cans etc)

Lancashire County Council operates a household waste centre in Burnley where you can leave a much wider range of items for recycling.

So don’t just dump everything in your general wheelie bin – it will fill up faster and more rubbish will be dumped in big holes in the ground when it could be recycled and used again.

Garden/green waste

We offer a regular garden waste collection service (for an annual fee) throughout the growing season to those who want to get rid of garden or other green waste. The greenery collected is recycled and used as mulch in our parks and other areas.

Hospitality meets sustainability

Burnley Leisure & Culture manages a wide range of sports, leisure and arts centres across our borough.

By the nature of its work, BLC has plenty of opportunities to make a significant contribution to reducing its carbon footprint.

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