Saving energy means lower bills – at home and at work.

We can all take some simple, easy steps to reduce the amount of energy we use in our day-to-day lives.

energy saving tips and tricks

Energy-saving tips:

  • Turn down the thermostat – on your boiler and radiators. Simply turning down radiators in rooms your aren’t using could save £50 a year. But don’t turn them off all together in cold weather – it just makes your boiler work harder to get temperatures back up again
  • Installing an energy efficient shower head could save you up to £40 a year
  • Wash clothes at a lower temperature – you could save up to £20 a year by dropping from 40 degrees to 30 degrees
  • Cut the amount you use your tumble dryer – save up to £50 a year and cut the risk of damp and condensation in your house.
  • Turning appliances off at the socket rather than leaving them on stand-by, especially overnight could save you up to £50 a year.
  • Take shorter showers – keeping your washing time to four minutes could save you up to £40 a year.
  • Switch to energy saving light bulbs – they may cost more to buy compared to traditional bulbs but they use less energy and last longer so save money over their lifetime – saving up to £40 a year

That’s possible savings of up to almost £300 a year!

an eco lightbulb

Five ways to cut energy costs this winter

Apply for support from the Great British Insulation Scheme

Welcome home to energy efficiency

Find out more about the actions you can take now to make your home more energy efficient.

Energy efficiency in council buildings

We’ve taken a number of steps to reduce the council’s energy bills – so the money saved can be used for other services to our residents.

This includes:

  • Installing motion sensor lighting in corridors so they are only on when needed
  • Using electric vehicles wherever practically possible
  • Changing the way we manage our parks and grassed areas
  • Cutting out single-use plastics

Solar/wind power

Did you know?

Coal Clough wind farm in Long Causeway generates enough power each year to supply electricity to 6,000 homes.

Latest news

Applications open for capital grants under energy efficiency scheme

Applications are now open to help voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations in England to apply for capital grants under the VCSE Energy Efficiency Scheme.

The first capital grant round will close Thursday 29th February with a second round opening in mid-April and the third in early July 2024.

Eligible organisations can apply for:

  • An independent energy assessment to understand what improvements could be made to their building, and
  • Capital grants to install physical energy efficiency measures.

For further details, including eligibility criteria and application timelines

Families, business and industry to get energy efficiency support

Around a million homes will be made warmer and hundreds of business supported, as £6 billion is allocated to cut energy use and bills.