Event planning and insurance


Whether it’s a local street party, a church walking day or an event you’re selling tickets for, there are lots of things to get right when you’re organising an event, from ensuring the safety of the people who come, to making sure you’re properly covered to broadcast music or serve food.

Completing our event notification form can help do that. By tell us about your event we can help you plan.

At an early stage, complete a risk assessment form. You can use the one provided in the downloads section. Completing a risk assessment may be a requirement of booking an event on council land.

One tool you can use to help think through all the potential issues to do with your event is the ‘analysis, prediction, response’ model. A template and a completed example is available in the downloads section.


You also need to make sure that your event is covered by the appropriate insurance, covering both employer’s liability and public liability as appropriate.

Burnley Council run events are covered by our insurance. But please note that, even if your event is on our land, if it is actually organised by you, you will normally need your own separate insurance cover for the things you are responsible and liable for.

If you are subcontracting activities to another competent provider, we would suggest that you check their insurance too. In the downloads section, you’ll find checklist of things we suggest you look for on your contractor’s insurance documentation.