Burnley Holiday Activities and Food Programme

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The Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme funded by the Department for Education provides free meals and activities for eligible free school meal children across Burnley during the school holidays. This year there will be whole host of activity clubs in Burnley, offering a range of energetic physical activities, exciting new experiences and loads of virtual online fun too. Families can find out more here.

Information for providers 

We are seeking to fund a diverse range of projects and enrichment activities which are attractive and engaging for all ages and abilities of school children and include nutritious food. Activities can be open to all children with priority given to those receiving benefits-related free school meals. Children who are not in receipt of benefits-related free school meals can pay to attend if there are sufficient spaces and a limited number of spaces can be open to other children in need which should be agreed at the application stage. Spaces for children who are in receipt of benefits-related free school meals will be made available at no cost to the family. Providers can learn more about applying for funding to deliver an activity here.

What is the aim of the programme? 

The aim of the programme is to make free places available to children eligible for benefits-related free school meals for the equivalent of at least four hours a day, four days a week, for five weeks. The HAF programme needs to cover four weeks in the summer and a week’s worth of provision in the Christmas holidays. 

School holidays can be particular pressure points for some families because of increased costs (such as food and childcare) and reduced incomes. For some children that can lead to a holiday experience gap, with children from disadvantaged families: 

  • less likely to access organised out-of-school activities 
  • more likely to experience ‘unhealthy holidays’ in terms of nutrition and physical health 
  • more likely to experience social isolation 

Free holiday clubs are a response to this issue and evidence suggests that they can have a positive impact on children and young people and that they work best when they: 

  • provide consistent and easily accessible enrichment activities 
  • cover more than just breakfast or lunch 
  • involve children (and parents) in food preparation 
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