Burnley Council and Burnley Leisure currently employ around 18 apprentices in Business Administration, Accountancy, Arts, Sports and Horticulture. From Finance to Green Spaces, our apprentices are earning money whilst gaining work experience and qualifications. As well as working towards an NVQ qualification, apprentices are given various opportunities to complete other training courses to enhance the skills that they are already gaining in their day to day responsibilities.   

This learning and development opportunity supports the Councils’ Community Strategy which aims to raise the aspirations of young people in the Borough and the Council’s workforce plan.

Our apprentices are inducted into the authority in the same way as all new employees, however additional support is provided through our mentoring scheme.

Vacancies are advertised throughout the year on our Jobs and Careers page on this website.

You can also get alerts of any new job vacancies by following us on twitter through @burnleycouncil and liking us on Facebook through Burnley Council.

Real words from real apprentices

“I am really enjoying the combination of working whilst studying at Burnley College.”  Claudia Wilcock – Business Administration Apprentice in the Chief Executive’s Office..

“Over the past years as an apprentice, I have learnt a lot and met a wide range of people; this has all helped me to achieve a permanent position at the council” Georgia Turner – former apprentice in Streetscene (now Support Officer in Regeneration and Planning Policy)

Applying for an Apprentice Post: Hints & tips

  • Don’t be afraid to make yourself look good – When looking for a new employee, organisations want somebody whose application stands out from the rest. Make sure that you include any work experience, training and qualifications that are relevant to the post you are applying for.
  • Carry out some work experience – Even volunteering for an hour or two a week will make your application stand out. Having relevant work experience shows that you are interested in the field of work that you are applying for and demonstrates your dedication and work ethic. You can use these employers for references as well!
  • Additional information (Section 21) – This section is where you really need to sell yourself. Use the guidance notes and person specification to fill in this part of your application form. To be given the opportunity of an interview, you need to prove that you meet all of the essential criteria (marked ‘E’ on the person specification) and make sure that it is evident in this part of your application.
  • Check, double check and triple check! – Make sure you read through your application to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. When you’ve checked, get a family member or friend to check it too as a pair of fresh eyes are more likely to spot any mistakes. They may also remember bits of relevant training/experience that you have forgotten to put in.
  • Send your application in time – Make sure that your application is sent off in time for the closing date. It will be very disappointing to find that your time and effort have gone to waste, and what’s worse, you could have been the perfect candidate!