Relocation Grant


Where a disabled person needs their home to be adapted to allow them to live independently or to be cared for and the costs of the adaptation are unreasonable, not reasonable, practicable and not cost effective, the Council will consider assistance towards the purchase of an alternative dwelling that is either adapted or has greater potential for suitable adaptation. This will be in the form of Disability Relocation Assistance.

Eligibility Criteria

The approval of assistance is subject to an option appraisal looking at financial, social and technical aspects to ascertain the best course of action in relation to the disabled person’s needs. Persons eligible include;-

• Owner-occupiers, their dependents, mother, father, grandparents regardless of age, who are disabled or registerable as disabled.

 • Persons who are eligible and have applied for a mandatory DFG, where it is considered that the proposed adaptation is not reasonable or practicable.

• The applicant lives at the existing property as their sole or main residence.