Hospital Discharge Grant


The Council will help facilitate hospital discharges by supporting people with disabilities or vulnerabilities to return to a home which is suitable, safe and clean.

Eligibility Criteria

Residents of Burnley living in their own home either in the private rented sector, social rented sector or owner occupiers who are disabled or vulnerable. Eligible works are not restricted to but can include:

• Small emergency repairs

• Removal of trip/falling hazards

• Clearing properties

• Cleaning properties

Amount of Grant

The grants are not means tested and can fund works up to the cost of £2000. The funding will be available where there is no other relevant health or social care funding obtainable, and following a referral from an Occupational Therapist,

Clinical Health Practitioner from the Integrated Neighbourhood Team or other Health Care Professional. The grant does not cover packages of care or resettlement funded by the NHS or Social Care. An application for assistance will be in writing and include either a tenant or owner certificate

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